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No need for a mechanic with a window regulator repair kit

If your car’s electric windows fail to open, or even worse close, you may fear an expensive mechanic’s bill. The good news is that a window regulator repair kit could resolve the problem and cost just a fraction of a mechanic’s bill.

The first thing to ascertain is whether it’s actually the window motor causing the problem rather than the regulator. The easiest way of doing this is to try and open or close your window. Can you hear the motor running or grinding? If so, this is a good indication that it’s working and the fault lies instead with the window regulator. A window regulator is the small mechanism used to raise and lower your car window. In older cars they may be manual and operated via a crank but in most cars today they are motorised, allowing car windows to be moved at the press of a button. Window regulators do tend to suffer wear and tear so most car owners will find themselves needing to carry out a window regulator repair at one time or another.

Luckily, a window regulator repair kit makes a repair incredibly easy, even for a novice. A repair kit will come complete with everything you need to fix the problem including new cables and metal clamps. There are different kits available for different makes and models so making sure you choose the right one for your vehicle is the first step.

The next step is to remove the door panel. Most come off fairly easily using a screwdriver to remove the various screws holding it in place. The door handle and arm rest may need to be removed separately. Next, disconnect the wiring to the lock and window controls. Now it’s time to remove the regulator and replace it with the one from your repair kit. Your repair kit will come with full instructions so you can ensure the job is done correctly.

Before you purchase your window regulator repair kit, make sure you buy one that is manufactured by an OEM – an Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means the parts have been produced by the same company who manufactured the original parts. Look out for an OEM number to ensure quality is high.

For OEM repair kits for a wide variety of vehicles visit All their parts come fully guaranteed and free delivery is available on orders over £49.99. Their You Tube channel provides easy to follow instructors on how to repair your regulator.



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