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E-Commerce , a flush disipline

There is no end to the world, new disiplines are emerging everyday and collapses everyday .
And this dicipline war gave bith to new dicipline in th e Super Disipline of Computers known as ‘ ECOMMERCE ‘.

ECommerce and How Big is ECommerce?…. Really?

ECommerce is short for Electronic Commerce. ECommerce is simply the idea of replacing physical business transactions with electronic business transactions using the Internet. ECommerce cuts through boundaries such as time and geography to put store owners and customers into a virtual contact with one another. A key ingredient of ECommerce is the ability to take orders and receive payments through an electronic storefront. Philosophically, ECommerce is about openness, connectivity, and integration between businesses and customers.

From the store owner’s perspective, ECommerce provides a way to instantly satisfy demand for products, services, and information of each customer individually. From the customer’s perspective ECommerce offers convenience, variety, cost savings, and anonymity. Ultimately, ECommerce shifts the power from the merchant to the consumer. One new marketing slogan says it all about this power shift – “Shop naked!

ECommerce also provides a way for the merchant to connect his customers, vendors, suppliers and employees all over the world. He can enable his business or organization to reach an infinite number of customers over the Web, seeking out potential markets that were once outside the traditional boundaries of his business.

The Size of Ecommerce

A new industry report by ActivMedia projects that global ECommerce revenues will reach $115 billion this year, and will exceed $1.8 trillion by 2004. ActivMedia reports revenue growth rates of 150 percent — up from 72 percent — are forecast for 2000 and 138 percent for 2001 as online buyers rely on the Internet for a wider range of goods and services. The report also stated these findings:

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