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4 Factors To Consider While Choosing The Countertop For Your White Kitchen

Designing the dream kitchen is never easy for anyone, neither the homeowner nor for the designer. In my experience of being a kitchen interior designer, I have designed different types of the kitchen while facing multiple types of challenges. So, if you ask me, then there is no dearth of the fascinating stories to tell. However, if you wonder what can be the trickiest part of designing a kitchen, then here it is, choosing the right countertop for a white kitchen.

The general idea about a white kitchen is that the color itself is very versatile. Hence, this shade can go with anything and everything. If you are thinking on a similar track, then you are mistaken. To be honest, even though the white kitchen is a versatile one with numerous amounts of possibilities in terms of décor, yet you have to be very careful while choosing the countertops. Being such a pristine hue, white kitchen is also very difficult to hide flaws in the design. So, if you are wondering how you will be able to choose the right countertop for your kitchen, then you must consider the factors that I am going to mention below. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Dilemma Of Drama And Monochrome

Well, this is the biggest dilemma that one has to face while choosing the countertop of a white kitchen. The temptation is often going for the dram while choosing monochrome seems to be the safest choice ever. However, what many fail to realize is that the monochrome theme comes with the biggest challenge, the monotony of the theme. Hence, when you are going to choose the right countertop with your vintage white cabinets, consider all your options. Is your kitchen dull enough to make the drama stand out? Or is your cabinetry is of the right style with the edges and depth to break the visual monotony of the white countertop?

Play Of Contrast

Often the safest and most minimal route is to go by the contrast. As the kitchen is already decked up with white and adorned with pristine looking cabinets, break the same tone with a dash of contrast. Choose the darker countertops like black granite of dark hardwood that will offer a sharp contrast with the whole look of your kitchen.

Take Care Of The Backsplash

A kitchen must not have more than one focal point. You are already choosing stunning wholesale kitchen cabinets that will create a maximum visual impression. Next, you need to think of the backsplash that you have chosen before you pick your countertop. If the backsplash is plan one to match the white décor, then a contrasting one can become the focal point. But if you are choosing a much attractive backsplash, go for the plain monochrome or grey countertop. This will help you make space look sophisticated and elegant.

Material For Functionality

For a functional kitchen, you have to think of the lifestyle and other members of the family too. For example, if you choose quartz as the material, it will hold up better as a professional kitchen. You can choose the option in case you bake a lot or you have kids at home. Or if you have no such things to consider, then go for marble or granite for a smooth finish.

Now, as you know about the factors that you need to consider while choosing countertop for your kitchen, what are you waiting for? Hire a designer and share your ideas with them.

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