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Calcium Deficiency In Indian Women

Calcium is one of the essential micronutrients of our body which is the building blocks of bones. The main constituent of bone is calcium and it is highly needed in our diet to maintain a proper bone health. The meaning of proper bone health is to keep the bones strong and disease free. It is now proved that women need more calcium than men. In India, most of the women after the age of 30 suffer from a disease called low bone density which is generally caused by calcium deficiency in the diet. Indians have a dietary choice which does not include the proper amount of calcium and because of this people mainly the women suffer from bone diseases.

Reasons for Calcium Deficiency:            

  • Calcium deficiency generally occurs due to weird lifestyle and dietary habits. If a person is not taking the amount of calcium he/she should take then obviously their body will be deficient in calcium.
  • Vitamin-D helps in absorption of calcium in the body. If the level of vitamin-D gets lowers the calcium does not get absorbed in the body.
  • Women ageing more than 40 cannot absorb calcium as their young age due to various reasons. This causes diseases like osteoporosis in women of older age.
  • Vegetarians of any age group can also meet a condition of low calcium level because their diet does not contain enough calcium.
  • People who are following extreme diets and going through a weight loss program can also have a calcium deficient body.

Results of Calcium Deficiency:

Severe calcium deficiency in the body can cause harmful bone diseases. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common diseases. Calcium deficiency also increases the chances of kidney stone, colon cancer, hypercalcemia etc. These diseases can only be treated by increasing calcium level in the diet and increasing the intake of calcium. The worst conditions are treated with knee replacement programs. The list of best knee replacement hospital in India is very long and one can get it done easily. But it is always better to avoid surgeries and look for other treatments.

How to Overcome Calcium Deficiency:

  • One can overcome calcium deficiency in their body by introducing calcium-rich foods in their diet. Foods like milk, soya, green vegetables, and sesame seeds contain a high amount of calcium. Add these foods to your diet chart.
  • Sit or walk in the sun because there is a high amount of vitamin-D in sunlight which helps in absorption of calcium in the body. It would be also helpful if you are going through a condition of less vitamin-D. It will help in healing any fracture and other bone diseases.
  • If you are following any strict diet chart take calcium supplements. Various companies sell calcium-rich foods by merging them in a tablet. These tablets do not have any side effects and also work well for the body. It also won’t harm your diet chart.

Conclusion: Do not ignore calcium in your diet. It will harm you in an incurable way. Therefore, be aware and take the important micronutrients properly.

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