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It’s that time of year again when most of us have long given up the thought of our New Year’s resolutions and have instead taken up laying around in our loungewear watching rubbish on TV every weekend. Unfortunately, there was a reason that your New Year’s resolution was to get fit again, and that’s because most of us want to live long and active lives. And slumping in front of never ending trash TV is not going to help this.

Half the motivation when starting a new lifestyle is to find a sport or exercise that you will enjoy and have the time for. It’s no good saying you are going to run for ten miles a day if you don’t live anywhere that this is possible or you collapse to the ground after ten minutes.

One sport that many people do stick to even after they have had years off from exercise is yoga. Whether this is because you can build it up easily from beginners level or the fact that the benefits are quick and easy to see is unknown, but the truth is more and more people are putting on their yoga clothes and stretching out on their mats.

Of course there is more to the sport than simply the yoga clothes and mats that you see, but getting the right ones will be hugely beneficial. Yoga manages to combine tough stretches with gentle exercises to increase your flexibility, loosen up joints and also improve your mental health through de-stressing techniques.

Right the way from the beginners’ class to the point you are a full-blown yoga lover, the benefits are obvious for everyone. The somewhat slower pace set than some of the alternatives such as spinning class’s suit a far wider range of people, and the benefits are clear to see. So why not try and start up that New Year’s resolution again and join a yoga class today?

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