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Decorating Your Home with Striped Carpet

Carpet with stripes seems to be something which is quite in fashion at the moment when it comes to decorating your home. Some homeowners are often a bit hesitant when it comes to using a carpet which is a bit more bold or overpowering than others. Striped carpet can be a great look in your home, but you just have to make sure that you decorate your house correctly in order for everything to coordinate and look very stylish.

As your carpet is usually chosen at the end after you’ve decorated the walls, make sure that everything is going to look right together. You might want to choose the carpet right at the end, because if you choose a carpet and buy it ready to be fitted, you might have to change it if you decide to change the colour of the walls. However, if you can make some decisions and stick to them, everything will work out fine. As it’s a striped carpet, it will have at least two colours in it, so choosing one of these colours or something which goes well with the colours will be the obvious option for wallpaper or paint.

Another thing to take into consideration is your furniture. If you have patterned furniture, it may clash with the striped carpet, especially if the carpet appears to be quite busy. A carpet with stripes which are not too obvious may coordinate well with patterned furniture, but be careful not to have too many patterns on the furniture, carpets and walls. If you already have furniture that you would like to keep rather than buy new furniture, choose carpet that will suit the furniture.

Striped carpet can look great in your home, whether it’s going up the stairs and all around the hall, in your living room or even in the bedrooms. However, you must take care to plan properly and choose the colours carefully, or you might end up making some bad decisions. If you’re not sure, you can always request samples and ask the opinions of friends who might be able to help you make some decisions.



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