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Brief Guide To Scrap Extraction Systems Used In Any Industry

Scrap removal systems have long come into the picture for providing top quality scrap and trim collection services. They come as the right solution to reduce the build-up of waste materials from manufacturing processes in different industries. These are systems that are highly effective when it comes to the safe removal of waste and dust from manufacturing lines. These devices are perfect for the removal and extraction of waste, scrap, trim and dust in textile mills, woodworking, shot blasting, paper printing, cardboard manufacturing, foundries, chemical and metal fabrication industries.

How do waste removal systems work?

The scrap collection system works by collecting waste at the manufacturing machine as it keeps occurring. Waste, scrap, trim and dust during manufacturing procedures get removed automatically by the use of these systems. Therefore, there are no risks for the workers as well as the machines downtime for maintenance and cleaning is also reduced.  Ducting is carefully connected to a huge industrial fan for the collection and the transportation of scrap and waste. The waste then gets removed from the airstream by way of a filtration device or a cyclone. However, there are certain applications where a blend of both filtration and cyclone devices are used. The systems typically collect and then transport offcuts, waste trim and other varieties of waste during the manufacture of:

  • Commercially printed magazines and newspapers
  • Kitchen towel and toilet roll products
  • Carton board and corrugated products along with packaging
  • Film or foil products like food packaging and beverage cans
  • Textile and carpet products
  • Self-adhesive products like pharmaceutical labelling

What are the benefits of using scrap removal systems?

Some of the major benefits of using waste removal or extraction systems at the manufacturing unit are as follows:

  • These systems help in the complete removal of the matrix along with thin films
  • They allow for faster running speeds
  • These systems help in the elimination of printing machine downtime
  • They avoid the  re-adjustment of print register
  • Waste removal and extraction systems also help in the removal of rewinding tension issues

What are the Main Features of Scrap Removal and Extraction Systems?

Some of the noteworthy features of these systems include:

  • They are available in customised designs for meeting individual client requirements to reduce the build-up of waste materials.
  • These systems speak of heavy-duty construction. They are constructed from stainless steel and carbon.
  • These systems offer top quality waste removal services at source resulting in increased productivity
  • They feature energy-saving control mechanisms
  • There is an increase in revenue for businesses from the proper recycling of trim and waste collected through these systems.

Automatic recovery of scrap and waste trim from manufacturing machines not only helps in improving the work environment but also helps in reducing fire and other risks. Scrap and waste extraction systems are a must-have for modern commercial industries as these can help manufacturing units in reducing their operational costs while delivering the best output. These are probably one of the best tools that manufacturing units can use for proper functioning and final results.

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